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Beautify Your House with a Vanity

Installing a new bathroom vanity can give your bathroom an entirely new look, while providing more storage space and perhaps more counter space as well. Replacing a bathroom vanity is one major project that can easily be done by do-it-yourself. If you plan to reuse your existing counter top and sink, it’s simply a matter of taking it off the old cabinet and installing it in the new one. Replacing the whole thing takes a little more time and effort, but is still easily doable. Remember that a bathroom vanity is the combination of the cabinet, counter top, sink and faucet, usually with the addition of lighting and a mirror.

All the elements should be harmonious. If you have an antique-style cherry cabinet, for instance, you probably don’t want a bright blue counter top or a sleek futuristic faucet. Innovative designs in bathroom vanities include double sinks installed opposite each other in a round, free-standing vanity cabinet with a double-sided mirror hung between them. All-glass vanities are spectacular, giving the room a look that is luxurious and airy at the same time. Asian-inspired vanities have pure, simple lines, and are often done in dark woods in a white space. Installing rolling drawers or pull-out baskets makes it easier to access things stored on shelves behind bathroom vanity doors. Dividers help keep drawers neat and orderly. If your vanity provides plenty of counter space, you can store and decorate at the same time. Put colorful rolled towels in a basket, for instance, or decant your lotions and potions into decorative vessels. What are you waiting for?! Click and shop here at Danube Direct now!